Wise Words From ‘The Battered Bastards Of Baseball’

Wise Words From 'The Battered Bastards Of Baseball'
Wise Words From ‘The Battered Bastards Of Baseball’

….if you have a chance to watch it, I highly recommend you watch ‘The Battered Bastards Of Ball’ on Netflix.

I’m not a baseball fan, but the story of Kurt Russell’s father setting up an independent baseball team is a great story.

While there are a ton of business lessons in it, if you pay attention to what he did, one piece of advice given to the bat boy is a doozy.

‘Be so helpful that they can’t ignore you.’

The boy, who wanted the job more than anything, set off doing everything he could to be helpful to Bing and the team.

And sure enough, Bing called him over a few day’s later, told him he had the job, and wished he had ten more people like him.

People looking to make money online rarely pay attention to begin helpful.

They want the shortcuts, the sneaky sales tricks, getting the money without any effort on their part. – But help people? That’s not on their radar.

Yet, that’s where you’ll make the most money.

That’s where you get remembered.

That’s where people recommend you to others.

So how helpful are you to your customers and followers?

Do you do the bare minimum… or do you go the extra mile?

Some people think it’s hard to make money online or stand out from the crowd, but it’s not really if you’re just helpful.

Most people are fed up with poor service, poor products, and a seller that can’t be contacted.

Step in and do all of those things and you’re as noticeable as a fart in an elevator…. but in a good way.  : )

Want to make money?

Be as helpful as you can today in your business.

Don’t know how to do it?

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