The Beach Bum And The Millionaire

…Jeff Olson tells a story in his book ‘The Slight Edge’ about how he went from being a beach bum to becoming a millionaire.

How did he do it?

Well, fed up with cutting grass at a golf club, he wondered what the difference was between him and the wealthy golfers.

He, like most have noticed, was that it’s the actions they take each day. Not huge ones. Nothing that you’d really notice,  but daily tasks….sometimes so mundane that anyone could copy them.

But most don’t.


Because, as Jim Rohn said, it’s easy not to do them.

It’s easy to write a thousand words a day. It’s also very easy not to do them.

It’s easy to offer help in a Facebook group and show off your expertise. It’s also easy not to do that.

It’s easy to write a daily email. It’s also easy not to do it.

There’s a beach bum, and a millionaire inside you.

There’s someone that tells the world that they’ll write a book one day, and there’s the writer that’s doing it.

Whatever you’re looking to be…they’re both inside you right now.

Which one will win?

Well, that’s up to you.

Which are you going to give the most attention to?

Which are you going to take actions to become?

I don’t normally do freebies.

Mostly because, people pay as much attention to something they get for free as it’s price, nothing.

It’s scanned through, and thrown on the hard drive never to be looked at again.

But I’m willing to take a risk on you today.

Click the image below now to download your copy.


Barry J McDonald.

PS – It’s easy to read this report and take even the smallest action from it. And it’s easy to let it slide on by.

It’s up to you what you do.