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The Beast From The East Is Here

…yep folks it’s official…it’s the ends of days for us here in Ireland and UK….

….or to translate this to you in the US, we’re having heavy snowfall and a few days of low temperature.

Which, compared to the weather that you’ve had, is like comparing a fart to a hurricane.

But the media is loving it, and convinced most of us that come the weekend, we’ll all be tossing our furniture into the open fire to keep ourselves warm.

I’ll be surprised if it’s anything like they said it’s going to be.

But having said that, I do know a monster that’s not an exaggeration, and that’s fonts package over here.

Thousands of fonts, and a super dee duper way of installing them in a flash.

It mightn’t make it snow around your place, but it’s guaranteed to make every page you create as unique as a snowflake.

It’s Fontastic!

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