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The Ben Settle Way Of Selling Books

…recently, Ben Settle had a book launch. And Ben being Ben, he didn’t do it in the usual way you see others do it.

Now, if you don’t know Ben I won’t bore you with all the info, a Google search will suffice….you’ll find plenty to keep you occupied. 

Now, what made me jump at buying his book was his bonuses …..33 videos.

Yep, 33.

Faced with picking up a $4 book, or one with 33 videos as a bonus, which would you go for?

Again, it’s a no brainer.

“But that’s 33 videos, how could I do that?” I hear you say.

Simple. Get out your iPhone, tablet, or just sit at your laptop and talk to the camera.

And that’s what the videos are…most are less than 10 minutes with Ben strolling on the beach talking to the camera.

Nothing complicated. No big production costs. No hiring drones or other nonsense to make your videos Hollywood like. – One man and a camera. – Simples.

‘But what would I talk about?’ You also say. ‘I make planners, workbooks, coloring books.’

Make a list of tips, tricks, websites, or anything else that your reader would jump at knowing and make a video for each one.


And here’s the big but, your video titles need to be zingers, or at least arouse curiosity. Give your video’s bland titles and your videos will be see as that….bland.

Here’s some of Ben’s titles…

– The Money Intoxicating Lesson Of The $50 Shot of Tequila
– Why Always Seeking “Advanced” Training Is Foolish
– A Secret Way To Build Wealth With Your Low Attention Span
– The Trump Secret Never Told

Reading through those titles, I’m sure some have got you wondering what he reveals in them…that’s what you have to do.

So none of the….’10 best fat burning exercises’ ….or….’5 ways to relax before bedtime’…..bland titles will do.

The better the titles (without lying about the content), the better the curiosity, and selling power they’ll have for you and your book.

‘But I don’t have a website, know how to host videos?’ You ask.

Simply upload them to YouTube, put them on a private playlist…and let YouTube do all the heavy lifting for ya.

‘But I write fiction, what have you got for me?’

Come on, I gave you this much,  go get your thinking cap on…..

PS – And if you want to see what Ben’s book’s about, walk this way to Amazon.

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