The Best Place To Focus Your Attention

…go to any writing or self publishing forum and you’ll find people complaining about something or other.

‘Amazon’s ripping us off.’

‘My competition ripped off my book idea.’

‘I’m a better writer than the ones on the top ten list.’

‘I can’t believe people are buying that puzzle book….it sucks!’

And on and on it goes.

All things they have no control over.

It’s like driving down the road, and expecting everyone to follow the rules of the road like you do.

Sure, you can spend all day screaming through the windscreen, at the jack ass that cut you off, but wouldn’t it be better to focus your time on something you are in control of? – Like getting yourself home safely.

Because you really have no control of anything, but what you’re doing.

Jeff Bezos isn’t going to change Amazon for you.

People are always going to rob ideas.

And the cream doesn’t always rise to the top of the bestsellers list.

Better to focus on doing a better job, getting in front of more new people, and staying away from the complainers.

Anything out of your control, is out of your control, and burning up a few innocent brain cells because you can’t control it is a lost cause.

Keep your eyes and mind on your own driving lane this week.

Now, if you’re looking for an easy way to get in front of more people, and something I still use every day, I’d go here…

Social Media Automation.

Barry J McDonald.

PS – Because you can’t be in enough new places this year.

Now go put those racing blinkers on.