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The Bet That Became A Best Selling Children’s Book

…for most people the idea of writing a book usually happens because they’ve a story that they need to get out of their head and onto paper.

Writing one to win a bet…well…that’s probably well down the list of reasons for writing a book.

But for Dr Suess, a bet given to him by his publisher went on to become a best selling book.

The bet was that he couldn’t write a book using just 50 different words.

You’ve probably read the result of the bet….’Green Eggs And Ham.’

Although never a fan of the book myself – now knowing the backstory to the book – I now see it in a different light, and it’s a helluva accomplishment.

That’s a lot like fiction writing. The more you know your character’s backstory, the better the book you can write.

Everything hinges on how good your characters are.

Put weak characters in a great plot and you’ll still have a forgettable book. – It’s the equivalent of a Hollywood movie that’s all explosions, special effects, and poor story.

On the other hand, a great character can live long after your reader has closed your book.

Now if I bet that even you could create a character like that you’d probably doubt your ability to do it.

But….if I showed you 26 ways to create a living breathing character for any genre…I’m sure you’d have a little more belief in yourself.

Up for a bet?

Click the link here and let’s get you started. 

PS – And I was also saying his name wrong all these years too. It’s actually pronounced….’Dr. Zoice.’

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