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The Biggest Scourge In Fiction Writing….

…maybe it’s the same for you.

‘What is?’ you’re wondering.

Plotting, that’s what.

When I was starting off, there was nothing that frustrated me more that plotting my story with a plot structure.

And that’s another can of worms. Which plot structure should you use?

We’ve got the 3 Act, the Snowflake, the Tent pole….I could go on and on.

I swear writers don’t make easy for themselves. 

Or you could just drop everything and try to wing it, by writing it all off the top of your head.

Or you could check out Super Simple Plotting.

It’s what I finally came up with, taking pieces from here and there.

Does it work?

I used it for a thousand page box set, and a few romance books, so in my case it did.

Maybe it’ll help clear up a few things for you too.

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