The Bob Proctor Barfly Story

The Bob Proctor Barfly Story

…in his program, ‘You Were Born Rich’,  Bob Proctor tells that right up until the age of 26 his life was a total mess.

He was following the wrong people, who were broke as he was, and making the same stupid mistakes as they
were making.

Which, at one point, made him join the Canadian Navy. –  Something he’d no love for, and a waste of 5 years of his life.

One day, while sitting in his local bar, he looked around the room and realised that the only people in the bar were bums.

And if they are all bums, because they were always there, then that made him a bum too.

He said on that day, he put the glass down and never went back.

Now while you mightn’t be a barfly, are the people that surround you, really the best for you?

Because in the majority of cases, the thing that you’re trying to do is probably something they’ve never given any
consideration toward.

In my own case, no one in my family was a writer.

Had I gone to any of them looking for advice, you could imagine how useful that advice would be. –  Even if they supported my choice.

And yet, you have people who ask family and friends…

‘Do you think I should write this book?’

‘Should I create this course?’

‘Do you think I can do this?’

Ninety-nine times out of a hundred, you’ll get a no.

Why? Because they’ve never done any of those things themselves, they’ll question why you can do it.

After all, you’ve grown up together.

They know you, so why should you be any different than they are?

And that’s the thing, you’d never ask a sick doctor how to get better.

But people still go to sick doctor’s to get their advice.

So the next time you ask someone’s advice, stop and ask yourself, is this the right person to ask this question?

Should I go on the advice they give me?

If not, then maybe you should look outside your social circle.

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