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The Bottleneck Of Your Success


…when you think about it, it really isn’t any wonder hardly anyone does anything with their lives.  Why? – Because there’s no inspiration to do it. 

Case in point, when was the last time someone told you to follow your dream, or that you could do it? Most of us would probably need to look back to our childhood to find someone that was a cheerleader for us.  

And once you go beyond that age, teachers, friends, your boss, society, rarely push us to be more than ourselves.

It’s your dumb, you’re a fool, I’m happy to keep you where you are, and ‘Look at the latest craziest burger that’s come from McDonald’s.’ – None of which push us forward. If anything, it’s a message of who do you think you are to achieve anything great with your life?

So when it comes to inspiration, if you want to do something great, you’ve got to seek it out. You’ve got to seek out people that tell you that you’ve got a gift, a message, a skill, and that this life is losing out because you’re not being you. The thing is when you don’t believe you’re any different to anyone else or got anything great in you you’ll never take those actions. – You’re on a cycle that goes around and around and you don’t get anywhere. 

Your lack of belief in yourself means you’ll pay attention to those that don’t believe in you, which means you’ll copy what they do,  which gives you the same results as they get, which makes you feel that there’s nothing special about you. 

When you stand back and look at it, I’m sure you can see how easy it is for folks to go from cradle to grave and never even use a fraction of their abilities.  It’s like having a winning scratchcard but refusing to uncover the panels and throwing it in the kitchen drawer where it’s never looked at again. 

That’s why if you want to do something with your life, you’ve got to make a slot in your day for some type of inspiration. Something to remind you that the herd doesn’t have it right. That you’re not on this earth just to make a mortgage payment. And that great people can come from the worst places and start in life.  Doing that breaks the cycle up there. 

A growing belief in yourself means you’ll pay less attention to those that don’t believe in you, which means you do less of what they do, which gives you different results than they get, which makes you feel that there’s something special about you. 

Back in my MLM days, I didn’t see why they gave up books like the ‘Magic of Thinking Big’ – ‘The Power of Belief’ – ‘Think and Grow Rich’ – and other books to read. I didn’t see that my business would grow according to my growth. That the better and more positive I felt about myself, the more I would step out of my comfort zone and do things I was either scared to do or didn’t think I could do.

Now, I can see it was the best education I got.  I lost more money than I made with those businesses, but being shown the world didn’t have to be the one the media and my friends spoke of didn’t have to be mine. – The same goes for you too.

If there’s anything that’s going to make a difference in your life and business it is setting aside time for some inspiration every – single – day. The world out there doesn’t want you to be successful, because the world doesn’t see anything great in itself. 

It’s up to you to plant those seeds in your mental garden and take care of them.  Everything you could be is going to grow from there.

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