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The ‘Catch Me If You Can’ Business Lesson


…in the movie ‘Catch Me If You Can,’ a young Frank Abagnale is asked how he could have taken on a class of sociology for a full semester and not get found out?

‘That was easy, all I had to do was stay a chapter ahead of the class.’

If you opened yesterday’s email, I know you might have some doubts about you as a podcaster.

You don’t see yourself as an expert.

You don’t think anyone would want to listen to you.

And you’re afraid of making a fool out of yourself.

Join the club.

I don’t see myself as an expert….the more I learn, the more I learn that I don’t know much.

I’m amazed that anyone listens to a guy who talks too fast, and goofs up with his word choices.

And I’m not too fond of making a fool out of myself either….happens too often. – Especially when I’m trying too hard not to make a fool out of myself. 🙂 

So, why am I running a 5-day podcast challenge?

Well, podcasts were what kept me sane when I was stacking shelves for ten hours a night.

My body might have been in the store, but my head was off in a different world, listening to interviews about Big Foot, movies, and everything in between.

And it was podcasts that got me started in self-publishing.

Does that mean you have to join the challenge?

That’s up to you.

But I do know one thing, there’s nothing that’s easier to build a bond between you and your audience.

Ready to end 2020 with something positive?

Something you thought you wouldn’t be able to do?

Want to push through that bubble of limitation you’ve put on yourself?

Here’s the link…

Barry J McDonald.
“Be The Unicorn In Your Market.”

PS – Those that do, will never have to worry about competition or having their business cloned overnight.

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