The Dark Side Of Social Media

…while there are many nasty side effects of social media, like people having short attention spans, there is another one you mightn’t be aware of….what is it?

It’s neediness.

This neediness explains the need to keep checking to see if anyone’s liked your last post. 

…if they don’t, well, that means there must be something wrong with you. – Or the content you posted isn’t up to scratch. 

This leads to wanting to say the right things, because that’s where the ‘love’ is. 

And so folks start posting middle of the road, lukewarm content, that’s 100% guaranteed not to offend anyone.

That’s why you’ll get more high fives for a  ‘You’re amazing’ post.  Than you will for a ‘Get off your ass and do something’ post. 

Same goes with email.

Most folks tip toe into their subscriber’s inbox, and almost apologise for being there. 

Case in point.  I’ve had a few emails from someone that I haven’t heard of in months.

This past four emails, he’s been telling me that he’s my number one fan, and loves me to bits – that’s no exaggeration.

Which made me laugh. 

For one, his lack of showing up regularly means I’ve only bought one product off him. 

And two, there’s times when my own wife wants to strangle me. So, the fact that a complete stranger loves me to bits is hard to swallow. 

If only he’d got a copy of Email Ace.

Zero neediness, and you can reuse that content for the socials too. – But don’t write anything too controversial, or you might have a few ‘fans’ swooning at your opinion.

PS – Oh, and get off your arse and do something this week. – ‘Liking’ kitty pics doesn’t pay the mortgage.