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The Day Folks Give Up


…how long do you think most people stick with a new challenge before giving up?

Day 7?

Day 14?

Day 21?

Or Day 28?

I’ll let you ponder that for a second.
If you said 7 days, you were being generous.

It’s 1 day.

Most people give up on Day 2.

Day 2.

And you’re worried about new bloggers robbing your readers, new fiction writers stealing all your money, and the new wave of IMer’s flooding the market.

Ain’t gonna happen.

As Tommy Baker explains in his book the ‘1% Rule,’ people have high expectations, but low

Everyone wants the ‘Instagram’ life, but no one wants to show up every day.

They’re the same folks that wouldn’t buy something useful like this.

Barry J McDonald.

PS  – Doubt they’d get past video 2 either.

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