The Day It All Works Out

There's never going to be a day when it all works out. 


…what’s the day when everything falls into place?

July 10th?

Or how about Sept 19th?

Or maybe it’ll kick in just before Christmas?

So…when is it?

Not sure?

Then you’re the same as everyone else on the planet….you don’t know.

There’ll be no parting of the clouds.

No burning bush…or some other sign from the Almighty.

It’ll be the realization that that thing you’ve been repeating over and over again has finally broken the dam.

It’s like the stonecutter hammering with his chisel, looking to split a bolder.

It could open on the fiftieth, the hundredth, or the thousand strike of his hammer.

He doesn’t know.

But each blow brings him closer to his goal. – All he has to do it keep showing up.

There’s never going to be a day when it all works out.

You’ll never know.

But this might shorten the distance to getting there though…

Barry J McDonald.