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The Day My Wife Came Home Crying From Work

The Day My Wife Came Home Crying From Work
The Day My Wife Came Home Crying From Work

..many many moons ago, long before we had kids, my wife’s job was working quality at the end of an assembly line.

Well, I suppose you’d call it an assembly line, she worked for Heinz frozen foods.

So every frozen meal was pumped, squirted, and whatever else it did, to make the ready meals.

One day she was asked to work the potato mash machine.

Left on her own, and never trained on the machine, she pulled a level and was covered from head to toe in potato mash.

Left standing in white goo, the supervisor came over to her and gave her a lecture on how much money she’d wasted.

Which of course left her in tears and on the verge of running straight out the door.

Finally, getting control of himself and realizing what he’d done, he told her to clean herself up and come back…he’d get someone else to help her.

Half an hour later, she walked back and found a new guy standing with the supervisor.

‘Youse two work together, OK?’

Nodding, and waiting for the supervisor to leave, she turned to the new guy.

‘You know how to work this thing?’

‘No, do you?’

‘What can go wrong?’

He pulled the lever and instantly covered them both in potato mash.


Hard to believe that’s a true story, but it’s true.

I had to calm her down when she came running in the door in tears, swearing she was never going back to that factory.

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