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The Death Of Amazon Ads Is On The Cards

…forgive me if that sounds like I’m walking around with a sandwich board on me, declaring that ‘The End Is Nigh,’ but it’s going that way.

It mightn’t happen for everyone – those that can afford to stay in the game won’t bat an eyelid – but for the folks on the lower rungs, the writings on the wall.

How come?

Well, history has a way of repeating itself.

Back in the early days of Google Adsense, it was very easy to send someone over to your website for pennies.

Then the big boys moved in. – Remember when Amazon was on the top of every search result?

And thus the prices went up.

The same is happening on Facebook right now.

Used to be cheap….now it’s not.

Again, large corporations like McDonalds, Nike, and the like, are throwing money in Mark Zuckerburg’s lap and not caring if it’s making them money of not.

The same is also going to happen on Amazon and it’s ads.

Those that can afford to throw cash to get maximum clicks are going to wipe the floor with those that haven’t got a clue, or only have a piggy bank budget to work with.

So, is that it for you and your book business?

Is it time to pack up and go home?

In a word…no.

But you’re not going to like the solution.


Because it’s going to involve work. – And most people hate doing any type of work.

What is it?

Build a list.

That’s it, build a list.

Recently, Russell Brunson – he who owns the hugely popular Click Funnels, said that that’s where he’s focusing his efforts. That even though his company is headed toward billion-dollar land, that’s where his eyes are focused.

Building a list.

Told you you wouldn’t like to hear the truth.

Those that have a list can ride out any storm, and don’t have to worry about pay per click prices.

Why? Because they don’t need it.

The clock’s ticking, what are you going to do about it?

Barry J McDonald.
“Be The Unicorn In Your Market.”

PS – Yeah it’s pricy, but it’s a lot costlier not knowing how to do this.