The Do Less Make More Question

...”The Less I Do, The More I Make.” – Ron LeGrand.

Now, for the majority of people, those words up there don’t make sense. There’s no way you can make more money by working less? And if you are, you’re doing something shady, or illegal to get there.

Because we’ve all be trained from the crib that you need to work hard, you need to put in the hours….and you’ve got to do what other folk do. Because that’s the way life is.

It’s hard work for an honest wage.

But what if you took a moment to ask yourself that very question? – How can I make money, or be more productive than I am now by working less? What would that look like?

That’s how most of my courses came together.

Question – How could I reuse all the content I’ve got on my hard drive to make new products?

Answer – Hard Drive Profits.

Question – How could I hire a fiction writer and guarantee the book they write is the one that’s in my head?

Answer  – Ghost Writing Secrets.

Question – How could I create a pick coloring book without paying for illustrations or images?

Answer – Super Simple Coloring Books.

Question – How could I create a kids picture book without being able to draw?

Answer – Picture Book Publishing.

Question – How could I have an endless stream of coloring book images without spending another penny?

Answer – Coloring Book Cash.

Moral of the story….there’s always an easier way to do what you do. There’s also ways to do more by working less.

You’ve just to lift the limits off that noggin of yours. And stop being a ‘Monkey see, monkey do,’ kinda person.

PS – If you don’t ask the question, you’ll never get the answer.

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