“The Dog Ate My Homework”

…crazy and all as that excuse is, I do remember a girl in primary school blurt that out one day.

But I know ‘you’d’ never say something like that.

Instead it’s the…

‘I’m just not in the mood to write today.’

‘I just need a little more knowledge before I can get started.’

‘I don’t have time for that.’

‘Nobody I know makes money online.’

All excuses that let you off the hook.

To you, they’re as concrete as your name and date of birth.

To everyone else, on the outside, it’s just an excuse. And one as lame as the dog eating homework one.

Thing is, we all do it.

We build that excuse up to make it as valid as we can.

We’re too tired.
We don’t have the equipment.
Ah, shucks, the laptop battery is flat.
It’s getting a little late.
I’m too old for this.

All of those, a little brick, that surrounds what we should be doing.

Build enough of those, and build them high enough, and we box in our actions,  our goals, our dreams.

Thing is, writers can’t sell valid reasons.

Buyers don’t buy valid reasons.

And an increasing monthly income, is never built on a list of valid reasons.

They may be valid to you, but the world prefers action.

And last I heard, my bank manager won’t accept them for my mortgage payment.

So why not put that excuse building machine to better use. – Put it in reverse.

What valid reasons do you have to do what you need to do today?

Make a list of those, and you’ll find taking action will be a lot easier.

One of those excuses you’ve probably been telling yourself is that you don’t have any product ideas.

Here’s a good place to start.

Barry J McDonald.

PS – “An action a day,
repeated without delay,
will give you a life,
that’s far from being grey.”

Mic drop…..

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