The Downside Of Being A Nosey Neighbour

…to quote the great Mark Bernardine…

‘Comparison Is The Thief To Joy.’

In other words, looking over your neighbour’s fence isn’t always a great idea.

Once you do, you open yourself up to a world of potential comparison.

Their car’s better, they’ve got a better looking lawn, and whatever you do, don’t look at the pool.

Moment’s earlier, that car, lawn, and paddling pool of your’s had kept you pretty happy.

Now, all you can see are their faults.

The writing and publishing game can be a lot like that.

Some folks are making more money than you.

Some folks are writing more than you are.

And some folks have bigger audiences than you have.

It’s tough to ignore.

Especially when you’re fed a Photoshopped version of it on social media.

But as Mark said, the surest way to take the shine off your accomplishments is to compare your’s to someone else’s.

Thing is…

….some people will always be a better writer than you are. Look better on camera than you ever will.  And will stoop to limits you’ll never go to to make a quick buck.

That’s all out of your hands.

What is in your hands, is to be a better version of yourself than you were yesterday.

To do things you haven’t done before.

And to work in your back yard with the tools you’ve got.

That’s where you should keep your attention.

And who knows?

Maybe your neighbour is secretly looking over someone else’s fencing wishing their life was his?


…If you’re looking to do something you haven’t done before, like create your own digital product, I’d go here before Wednesday.

It’s never gonna be cheaper.

Barry J McDonald.

PS – You can even go buy gold bars with this skill if you want to.

Maybe even gold plate that toilet of yours, for when the neighbours call around.

But I know you’d never show off like that. 🙂