The Downside of Being All ‘Positive.’

…a few years back, I opened up to an addiction I used to have. No, it wasn’t drink or drugs, though it’s nearly as common place.

It’s self help addiction.

In my own case, there was nothing I loved more than jumping from ‘The Secret’ to ‘The Celestine Prophecy’ and onto whatever self help book was popular at the time.

Getting a mental sugar rush, as I found one aha moment after another, I tore through the books looking for that one missing piece from my life. – Because going by all the authors, they had the very thing I needed.

But with as much nutrition as a stick of candyfloss, that sweet hit could never get me the start I was looking for.

When I didn’t get what I wanted, I took it up a gear, hoping to find the breakthrough I wanted. – And so I tapped, I chanted, I apologized for my past history, and that of my ancestors, and a ton of other totally ridiculous things.

Needless to say, I didn’t get any further.

So when I posted about my lack of success in Dan Merideth’s Facebook group (Coffee With Dan – well worth joining), there was a pause before the  comments came flooding in.

When they did, it was the mental slap around the head I needed. – The common thread that ran through them all, it’s action that you get rewarded for in this world.

– Not how sorry you are.

– Not the chanting that you don’t believe in.

– And not the free lunch that sitting on your butt and visualizing is supposed to bring you.


– It’s being jealous of someone that’s doing better than you.

– It’s being filled with spite to show that teacher that told you you wouldn’t amount to anything and fulfilling your potential.

– It’s being satisfied with what you have, but not at the same time.

– It’s knowing that there’s abundance in the world, but also knowing that somewhere in the world kids are going through trash cans looking for their next meal.

– It’s looking at your wife and silently vowing to give her the holiday she’s always wanted.

– It’s making enough money so your husband can tell his boss that he can stick his job where the sun doesn’t shine.

Any of those will get your a lot further than an hour’s scroll on Instagram, liking positive posts will ever do.


So today, with the day that’s in it, ‘Positive Media Day’ – a day when we should all post sometime positive about the world and the people in it – don’t dismiss the power negativity can give you to get off your arse and take action.

It’s the….’I’ll show you, I told you, and you didn’t believe me, what do you say now,’ smug look you’ll have on your face when you’ve achieved what you wanted to.

Positivity is all well and good, but it won’t get you out of bed at five in the morning and into your trainers, or sitting behind a writing desk.

So if you’re not achieving what you’d like to, why not  light the negativity fuse to get you off the ground. But once you’re up and flying, you can ease off it, your new momentum should be able to carry you forward.

I’ll let you in on a secret, I purposely created this product just to piss some people off that I knew. And boy did I enjoy it when I released it!