‘The End’ For You

…when I used to write fiction, there was nothing that excited me more than starting to write a new story.

I’d a scene I couldn’t wait to write.

A character I longed to see go from ‘zero to hero.’

A world I wanted to explore and see what went on there.

Once into the story however…the shine sometimes lost it’s sheen.

I’d have a character in a bind that I couldn’t see a way out of.

A gap in my story line that I couldn’t quite knit together.

And once that exciting scene was done, the rest of the book seemed like a damp squib.

Maybe 2019 was the same for you.

The beginning looked like it was full of potential.

There was so much promise ahead.

There were projects you couldn’t wait to start…things you wanted to do.

But once over the honeymoon period, things got tougher.

It started to feel like a chore.

You didn’t want to fire up the laptop, and that new thing that everyone was talking about, seemed a lot more exciting than what you were doing.

So you jumped ship.

Thing is….and something I’ve found….is that there’s nothing better than following through on something and getting to put ‘The End’ on the final page of your work.

It mightn’t be your best thing you’ve ever done, but you finished it.

You did it on the day’s when you didn’t want to.

You kept going when it seemed like it was bigger than you.

And you can always look back on a job you set out to do, and accomplished it.

Inside, you’ve just told your subconscious something important…’I’m the type of person that finishes things I start.’

All over the world right now, there are hard drives filled with partly written stories, half built websites, products started and never finished, all waiting for the moment when ‘The End’ will be added to them.

Most never see it.

2020 might seem to have an abundance of ‘Once upon a times’ right now.

But if you want it to be your best year, you’ve got to finish what you start.


Barry J McDonald.