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The Fantasy You’re Playing Out Right Now

The Fantasy You're Playing Out Right Now
The Fantasy You’re Playing Out Right Now

…you know, there’s a good chance you’re playing out a role in your business right now.

For example, how do you picture a fiction writer and what they do each day?

Or what do you think other low-content book creators are doing right now?

Or how about a podcaster? How often do they show up, and what do they talk about?

The answers to those questions are your assumptions.

Because you think a fiction writer acts a certain way, writes one book a year, and needs a traditional publisher to publish their book, you’ll act that way.

Because you think low content book creators don’t have paid courses, haven’t got a clothing line, and don’t hang out on Pinterest, you’ll act that way.

Because you think that podcasters need guests, create hour-long episodes, and don’t create videos, you’ll act that way.

And don’t get me started on the roles you’re playing out when it comes to your age, people from your family, and the best that anyone from your town has achieved.

The majority of times the role you’re playing out only exists in your head.

But you believe that’s the way it is for people in those situations.

Fiction writers are never successful.

Low content creators only make books.

Podcasters need to know big names.

When you reach a certain age it’s all downhill to the graveyard.

There’s never been a writer in your family.

Nobody famous came from your town.

And because you believe it….it ends up being true.

And that’s why most people never write books or do anything worthwhile with their lives.

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