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The Florida Man Idea Generator

…today I came across a great idea generator not only for email topics, but fiction too.

Take an idea I came upon today….

‘Florida man kills himself with weather balloon.’

Seems, said man, committed suicide – and wanting a payout from his life insurance – tied his gun to a weather balloon in the hope that it would float away, looking like he was murdered instead.

Genius, right?

Unfortunately his browsing history gave away the game.

While the story is sad, it’s a great idea for a murder mystery book. – Imagine your ace detective stepping in (doing a Jessica Fletcher) and solving the crime when no one else can.

Or putting a modern spin on it, throw in a drone, and you’ve got a murderer killing his victims from miles away.

Or what about someone finding a downed weather balloon with a USB drive attached to it. – A nice thriller idea.

Or a child attaching a note to it, looking for someone to take care of their lonely and miserable father. – Romance

The story ideas are endless.

So how do you find these stories?

Simply Google ‘Florida man + month + date.’

The search above came from Googling my wife’s date of birth.

Now, while you might end up with a great idea, you may be wondering….’How can I write a book with this scene in it?’

Try this on for size.

PS – It’s also a great blog post idea generator, hence today’s post.  🙂

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