The Game Of Thrones Bus Is Back On The Road

….Love it or hate it, there no denying the impact Game Of Thrones has had on the world. And also for tourism in Northern Ireland.

Before the ceasefire, that stopped the bombings and shooting here, the forests of Northern Ireland were used by some, for let’s say, not legal training purposes.

But now…it’s a different fighting. It’s guys with swords for the Game Of Thrones TV show.

Because of that, the Game Of Thrones tour bus is usually seen going by my house travelling North with fans of the

It’s been quiet lately, but with the start of the new season starting soon, the bus is back on the road.

Thing is….with the show being filmed in lot’s of locations all over the world they’re only seeing a small portion of the show.

There’s a lot that goes into one episode.

It’s like writing a book.

I was asked this question the other day…

‘There’s so many parts to writing a book, I’m totally stumped. What should I work on first?’

My first suggestion. Work on getting better at your writing. Take your favorite author and write out one page from their published work every day.

Seems weird, but your writing will get better the more you do it.

Next, get good at creating characters. Game of Thrones is a good example of this, the characters make the show. But they all began as a collection of words on a page.

Good characters can save a weak story line, but it never works the other way.

Your book also starts with characters, not story line. Try doing it the other way and you’re screwed, they won’t work with you.

Watch the video on our Facebook page to see why this is the case.

ABC of character building

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