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The Greatest Storyteller In The World

the greatest storyteller in the world

…if I was to ask you who the greatest storyteller was, what would your answer be?

JK Rowling?

Maybe Stephen King?

Or how about Steven Spielberg?

Good and all as those people are, they can’t hold a candle to you.

You…are the best storyteller in the world.

How come?

Well, since you got up this morning, you’ve been telling yourself a story.

‘I’m too old to reach that goal.’

I’ll never be able to become a writer.’

‘No one would read, or watch anything I make.’

‘There’s nothing special about me.’

‘Nobody would pay for anything I make.’

And you’re such a good storyteller, you convince yourself that it’s true.

But what if it wasn’t?

What if that story you’re telling yourself is selling you short, and there’s much more that you’re capable of?

Just because you’ve been telling yourself the same story doesn’t mean that it’s true….or that you can’t change.

You’ve just been reading the same fiction book over and over again and expecting the end to be different.

But it won’t, because it’s the same story.

Want a better life?

Tell yourself a better story.

One where you are the hero of your book.

Because you weren’t put on this planet to be an extra or a passerby in the story of your life.

You were given a staring role.

So why not tear up that story you’ve been telling yourself, and write one that’s worthy of you.

Because you are the greatest storyteller in the world after all.

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