The Greatest Way To Protect Your Business

The Greatest Way To Protect Your Business
The Greatest Way To Protect Your Business

…want to know how you can stay a step ahead of your competition?

It’s very simple, look at how you could break your business.

As you’re probably well aware, England and Wales – because N.Ireland and Scotland didn’t vote for it – decided that they had enough of Europe.

So they told Europe we’re off and we’re doing our own thing.

But no one gave it any thought.

Especially Boris, who I wouldn’t trust enough to drive my kids home from school.

So they kicked out all the non-Europeans.

Forgot that most of their foodstuffs have to come through European countries….who can slow up how quickly that stuff gets through.

And forgot about Northern Ireland being a huge headache that would need border and custom patrols to keep it separate from Southern Ireland (which is still in the EU.)

When all the non-European folks left, they’ve now found that there are tons of jobs with no one to work them. – Truck drivers are rarer than chickens’ teeth.

Foodstuff has gone up and some things aren’t available.

And once British troops and security came back to control the border, it would only be a matter of time before the IRA would be back too, taking shots at them.

And all because no one planned ahead and ask themselves ‘If we do these things, what would happen then?’

So what if everything went wrong for you?

What if someone stole your products and sold them off cheaper?

What if the only social media platform you’re on kicked you out for no reason?

What if suddenly everyone found your niche and it got crowded?

What if, God forbid, you lost the ability to use your hands?

What if you couldn’t sell digital products to all countries because of a Government ruling?

What if the problem you solved didn’t exist anymore?

Will, any of the above happen?

Probably not.

But then again, no one saw how fuel prices, a volcano in Iceland, and 9/11 would stop air travel in its tracks.

Things happen.

Some are so crazy that you never see the knock-on effect.

But some are right there in front of you, that you could be working on to have a Plan B ready, so the wheels don’t come off your business.

And who knows, maybe one of those ideas might be something that no one else considered doing putting even more money in your pocket.

So how would you break your business?

Let’s hope you put more thought into it than Boris did.

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