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The Half Written Book

Imagine for a moment, that you bought a brand new fiction book. And getting home to read it, you brew yourself a coffee and get comfortable, knowing that you’ve got a good read ahead of you. 

Now, a few hours later, when you’re really getting into it, you find the words ‘The End’ at the bottom of the page. This can’t be right, you tell yourself, flicking onto the next page. But the next page is blank. You wonder if maybe it was a printing error and you turn to the next page. Again, it’s blank. Confused by this, you keep going through page after page until you reach the back book cover. And sure enough, that’s all there was. – A story taking up only half of the book.

I don’t know about you, but I’d be a little pissed. To think that’s all the hero was going to get up to in that book. That all those blank pages could have been filled with more adventures and excitement but there was nothing. That the author had been given all that blank space and done nothing with it.

You know, some people’s lives can be summed up like that. Given a full life to lead, they drop out halfway through. They reach the point in their life when they say to themselves, this is as good as it’s going to get and this is all I can do.  I’m in my forties, I couldn’t start writing now. I’m in my fifties, so creating a podcast is a no for me.  I’m a parent now, so there’s no way I could go on TikTok. And so they coast through the rest of their lives. – If they haven’t done it by this magical point in time then it’ll never be done. 

I don’t know about you, but to me, that’s a waste of talent, knowledge, skill, and a life. That you laid down on the ground and just waited for the grave to catch up with you. That you only filled half a book, when there were so many pages that could have been filled with your adventures. And if you believe in the big guy or gal that put us here, how disappointed would you be that they quit halfway through what could have been one of the best adventures you witnessed?

How’s your book coming together? Let’s hope you’re still filling in those pages of yours.