The ‘How Can I?’ Question

…there’s nothing that’ll shut your noggin down faster than making a statement about your ability or your resources.

‘I’m a terrible writer’

‘I write awful books’

‘I’ll never have an audience’

‘I’m not talented.’

‘I’ve got nothing to give people.’

And on and on it goes.

Coming out with statements like that doesn’t improve where you are. It’s like getting lost in the middle of nowhere, sitting down with a pout on your face, and then doing nothing about getting ‘unlost.’

It also doesn’t give you any solutions to the situation you’re in.

That’s where the ‘How can I?’ question can be a lot more helpful.

How can I be a better writer?

How can I write better books?

How can I build an audience?

Even reading through those questions I’m sure that brain of yours is trying to come up with solutions to those questions…..because that’s what brain’s like doing, answering questions or looking for answers.

So whatever you’re stuck at right now, don’t make the mistake of making it a statement about you or your abilities.

Ask yourself the ‘How can I? question and look beyond the wall that’s surrounding your right now.

If you’ve got any ‘How can I?’ questions about writing, self publishing, or content creation, I’d go here.