The Impact Of Ignoring Your Emotions On Your Business Growth

The Impact Of Ignoring Your Emotions On Your Business Growth
The Impact Of Ignoring Your Emotions On Your Business Growth

Welcome to the WriteCome blog, where we explore the world of creating digital products and provide valuable insights and inspiration. In today’s episode, we’re going to discuss the importance of not letting our emotions control our actions when it comes to our business growth.

Have you ever woken up in the morning and allowed your mood to dictate your productivity for the day? You’re not alone. Barry shares his own experiences of feeling great on some days, motivated and ready to conquer the world. But on other days, feeling less positive, he would question whether he should even bother working on his business.

The problem with being a slave to our emotions is that it leads to inconsistent actions. If we only show up and take action on the days we feel good, how often will that be? Can we truly build a successful business if we’re only motivated some of the time?

Sometimes, external factors like negative comments or criticism can also sway our emotions and impact our productivity. We allow the opinions of others to shape our actions and doubt our abilities. But think about it, in a traditional job, we often show up and do the work even when we’re not feeling 100%. We push through because that’s what’s expected of us, regardless of how we feel.

So why should it be any different when it comes to our own businesses? Consistency is key to success, and that means showing up and doing the work consistently, regardless of our moods. We need to stop allowing our emotions to control us and start taking charge of our actions.

Of course, there will be days when we’re genuinely not feeling well or need to take a break to recover. That’s understandable. But we shouldn’t let small fluctuations in our emotions become excuses to slack off or give up on our goals.

By being a slave to our emotions, we hinder our business growth. It takes consistent effort to build something significant. Imagine if our boss at a traditional job let us off the hook every time we weren’t in the mood to work. Our productivity would suffer, and we wouldn’t get anywhere. The same goes for our business. We need to be our own boss, demand consistency from ourselves, and put in the work, regardless of how we feel.

Breaking free from the grip of our emotions starts with changing our mindset. We should approach our business with a “just do it” attitude, much like a boss who doesn’t care about our momentary moods. Instead, we should focus on what needs to be done and commit to completing the necessary tasks.

It’s natural to have days when we don’t feel motivated or inspired. But often, once we actually start working, we find ourselves becoming motivated along the way. Taking action can sometimes ignite the passion and drive we thought we were lacking.

So, let’s stop being slaves to our emotions and start taking control of our actions. Consistency and perseverance are the keys to business growth. Commit to showing up every day, even when it feels tough, and watch your business flourish.

Stay tuned for the next blog post, and remember, success comes to those who take consistent action, regardless of their emotions.