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The Inbox Sure Has Gone Quiet Lately

…I don’t know about your inbox, but there’s a big gap where all the experts, software peddlers and funnel masters
used to be in mine.

The friends that were looking out for me, have gone silent. – Including my ‘marketing friend.’

Which, makes me wonder about things?

Maybe they weren’t having the good ole time that they told me they were having?

That maybe that pool and sportscar weren’t really theirs?

That maybe they forgot to mention that the squillion dollar payday had to be shared with tons of others…and it wasn’t as impressive as I’d been led to believe.

That maybe this money-making thing that they banged the drum about was only kept going by confused and
deluded people throwing cash at them.

It looks like the Emperor has well and truly found out without his clothes.

Their lack of support and appearance is now there for all to see.

Which brings a smile to my face.

Maybe you should reach out to those ‘supporters’ of yours and ask if they’re OK or need help right now.

Me….I’m always only an email away.

Barry J McDonald.

PS – Wonder what spin they’ll have on this episode of craziness?

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