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The Lesson I Was Too Dumb To See

The Lesson I Was Too Dumb To See
The Lesson I Was Too Dumb To See

…let’s hop in the time machine and go back about 18 years or so.

At this point in time, a young Barry is watching his estate agent hammering a ‘For Sale’ sign on his lawn.

He doesn’t want it going up, but if he doesn’t sell, the bank is taking his home.

The words from his son Matthew are still bouncing around in his head.

‘I love this house, Daddy. This is the best one we ever had.’

Those words cut him so deep that they’ll stay with him for the rest of his life.

Crappy and all as that situation is, Barry’s to blame for it all.

He doesn’t see it now, but years later he’ll see all the mistakes he made.

– He picked a home far out in the countryside, even though his wife couldn’t drive. And she’d be at home all day with 2 small kids while he worked,

– He’d have to worry about the exchange rate every month. The house was in Northern Ireland and he worked in the South of Ireland. (Every month he’d lose money exchanging the currencies.)

– The reason he’d picked the home was on the whim of one of his neighbors who’d bought there. (Carried away with the notion of ‘We can live across the street from each other, he jumped on board without planning it all out).

He chose it all.

And painful as it was – I thought God had given me the shitiest hand of cards you could ever get – it was no one’s fault but mine.

It was mine.

I choose all of it.

The same way you’re choosing what you’re in right now.

Now, sometimes life can throw you a curveball you never see coming. But other than those, everything else is on your doorstep.

All success and all failure come through you.

You made the decisions that have led up to this point in your life.

Some you made consciously, the rest you’ve made unconsciously.

But you made them.

Now, you can go off on a rant.

Call me the most uncaring person in the world and that I don’t understand, and then go racing to find the unsubscribe button.

But before you do, take this piece of advice with you.

You are where you are, because of the person ‘YOU’ are.

Because if you think about it….everything comes through you.


You’re making the decisions to do the things you’re doing.

You’re making the decisions to listen to the people that you are.

You’re making the decisions to take action, or not take action, on the books, courses, or whatever you’re throwing cash at.

No one likes to admit that they’re wrong.

But sometimes you’ve got to stop and realize that there’s only been one person at the scene of all of those accidents.


YOU are the problem, and YOU are the solution.

If you’re not willing to face that, and you go off blaming everyone else, you’re letting YOU off the hook and you’re looking for a scapegoat.

You’re also putting the world in charge of how well you do.

But as Wayne Dwyer said, if you’re going down that route you’re going to have to fix the whole world first. – And that’s a big task.

YOU are the problem, and YOU are the solution.

And as for Barry.

Well, it took a little while for things to improve.

But they did improve.

And even though that point was one of his toughest, it was one of his greatest lessons. And one he’s still learning from.

Now, off you pop, and have a great day.  : )

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