The Life Lesson You Can Learn From A Coloring Book Course

…ever come across someone that’s got every advantage in life, but still blows it?

They’ve got the money.

They got Daddy’s business connections.

They might even have a great education.

But when they’ve been given the keys to the family Kingdom, they drive it off a cliff at the first opportunity?

But then there are others….who start with nothing but a dream, and build a huge career, business, or following.

We’ve all seen it.

Those that have everything, either can’t see the opportunity they’ve been given, or don’t have the hunger to keep showing up every day.

That’s like a product of mine…

…the ‘Vector Graphic Image’ course.

In it, I show how anyone, and I mean anyone, can make their own colouring book images.

So, no more paying for image packs.

No more having to disguise the fact that they’re using the same images as everyone else.

And, they learn a skill that’ll pay them handsomely in the months and years ahead.

Bound to fly off the shelves, right?

Website crashed with so many orders, right?

Actually, the opposite is truer.

I did make sales, but not at the level you’d imagine.

That didn’t upset me, but there’s a great life lesson in that.

1 – Not Everyone Can See Opportunities,  Even When They’re Under Their Nose.

Sometimes people can be given the best of opportunities, but because it’s not handed to them on a plate, or involve a little effort on their side, their mind switches off and it’s a….’No, thank you.’

Some people see a twenty buck book as an expense. And others see the twenty years of success and failure condensed
into 200 pages as a huge investment.

2 – Not Everyone Wants It Enough.

Truth is, you’ll never outwork someone that’s got nothing, and is willing to work their ass off for a better life.

Most folks in the West, or ‘first world’ economies have it too good.

If you don’t believe me, do a pulse check on any country by their Twitter feed.

If it’s not a snide remark on a celebrity they don’t really know, its how poor a recent TV episode was.

Bob Proctor once told of being asked if he would do a seminar on the East side of a city, rather than the West.


Because the traffic was bad.

Bob’s reply – ‘I’d travel anywhere in the world, if it meant I’d get better results.’

Moral of the story…

Some saw a video course that required too much work. And others, saw it as much more than that.

It’s all how you see it.

Barry J McDonald.

PS – I once had a guy look for a refund because the images I sold him weren’t put in a document.

‘You mean I’ve got to do it myself?’

Ah, you’ve got to love those people that play pretend at running a grown-up business…’s so cute.

‘You go get them, Tiger! You go get them…’

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