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The ‘McDonalds’ Ferraris

….if there’s one thing that makes me laugh, it’s the ‘McDonalds’ Ferraris.

You see, at our local McDonalds, where my son works part-time, there’s a huge car park.

And most weekends, it looks like someone gave a casting call for Newry’s version of the ‘Fast And The Furious.’

Everywhere you look there’s some young fella with either his head stuck under a bonnet, or revving his car until it sounds like it’s gonna explode.

But to me, the funniest thing to watch…or should I say listen to…is the pretenders.

These are the ones that sound like they’re driving a Ferrari, and then turn out to be a Ford Fiesta with a huge exhaust when they fly by.

Inside, it probably sounds amazing.

Outside, well, it looks ridiculous.

All noise and no substance.

Which reminds me of a lot of folks online.

Social media’s full of it.

Your inbox is full with it.

All people telling you what you should be doing, but don’t look too carefully at what I’m doing.  – Because I’m not taking my own advice. – I’m just a little car revving my big exhaust over here.

Now me, I wouldn’t expect you to do something I’m not willing to do myself.

Like this system here.

I’m working it today, and I’ll be working it in 6 months from now.

You see, I’m more of a doer than a talker 🙂


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