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The Money Bag Tale


…Once upon a time, there was a guru that was known for helping people to make money.

Working with a small group of followers, he showed them how to create income streams and little businesses of their own.

This worked for all, but one person.

Everything he tried, he came away unsuccessful and had nothing to show for all the great advice he got.

Feeling a little guilty for their success, the group got together and walked up to the guru with a suggestion.

‘Guru, we feel that we’d like to help him out. – Something he can’t fail at. Do you have anything?’

The guru pulled out a bag of coins and handed it to them.

‘There’s a handsome amount in there, that I’m sure would help him out.’

Wondering how they could give it to him, without making him feel like he was receiving some kind of charity, they talked amongst themselves as to how they could hand it over.

Finally, they worked out a simple plan.

They’d place the bag in the middle of the small bridge they crossed each day to enter the guru’s village.

Sitting in plain view, there was no way he could miss it, and with no one around to claim it, he’d be sure to keep the money for himself.

The following morning, they placed the bag on the bridge and hid, waiting for their comrade to find his fortune.

Watching him reach the bridge and start to cross it, they whispered among themselves, waiting for the moment when he’d spy the bag.

Walking right by it, they watched in dismay as he left the bridge and entered the village empty-handed.

‘What? How could he not see it?’ – one asked. ‘He walked right by it, it was inches from his feet.’

Running to the bridge, they grabbed the bag and raced after the man to find out why he hadn’t seen the bag of coins.

‘Didn’t you see the bag?’ they asked, when they’d finally caught up with him.

‘What bag?’ he asked.

‘This bag, it was sitting right in the middle of the bridge.’ they asked.

‘No. – This morning I thought I’d cross the bridge with my eyes closed, just to see if I could cross it without bumping into anything.’

Coming upon the group, all standing around with open mouths, the guru walked to the one with the bag and took it back.

Giving them all a knowing nod, he walked toward his house, knowing that they’d all learned a valuable lesson that day.

Sometimes you can give someone the best of advice and point out great opportunities, but if they can’t see it, or aren’t willing to work, it doesn’t matter what you give them.

Barry J McDonald.
“Be The Unicorn In Your Market.”

PS – I want to give the great Ken McCarthy credit for that tale.

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