The Money Right Under Your Nose

…in case you’re not familiar with the Acres Of Diamonds story, I’ll give a retelling here…and if you are, well, it’s just a ten second version of it. – Stick with me.

And so I’ll begin….(takes deep breath)…

African farmer hears about diamond rush, decides he wants a piece of the action, sells farm, runs off to join in in the fun, spends a long time looking for diamonds, finds nothing, and goes and kills himself.

Meanwhile back at the ranch, new owner finds huge piece of glass, puts it on display, stranger says “Hey that’s a diamond!” New owner gets rich because ranch is littered with diamonds.

(Takes another deep breath)

Moral of the story….before you go looking for diamonds, have a look at what you’re standing in first, because there’s probably plenty already under your feet.

Told you it would be fast, didn’t I?

Now, to slow things down a little. You’ve got money all around you right now and you don’t see it.

Why so? Because you’re spending too much time looking over your neighbor’s fence, admiring their green grass, than looking at your own plot.

Where’s that money you ask?

Here’s three ideas to get the ball rolling.

Fiction writers – Some folks have trouble plotting their books, or coming up with character ideas. – If you’re good at either, you could offer a plotting, or character creation service and charge folks for your time.

Blogger – Fed up writing all your own content? Get other folks to do it for you. – Heard it before, listen up, here’s an example. – I get a guest poster for Writecome, and not only do I allow them to a link in the bio at the bottom of the post…..but I place an ad for one of products in the middle of the post. This ad contains guest poster’s affiliate link, meaning they get a 50% commission on any sales made from that post as long as it’s live on the site. – They get a backlink, they get a commission, and I make 50% for an article and traffic I didn’t have to put any work into.

Puzzle/Coloring Book Folk – Here’s your nugget. Why hot break down that coloring book of yours into individual pages that you offer for free on the Internet? – A thirty page book becomes thirty single PDFs all with details of your books, your website, or filled with Amazon links for products related to your content, all floating around the Internet getting downloads.

Nothing complicated, right?

There’s more where that came from, and I’m thinking of doing a longer video on this subject in the next day of two…until then…I’ve a new video on the Facebook page that’ll explain why I’m doing more stuff over there right now.

If you’d like a lookie it’s over here.

PS – Why the video always starts off with me with eyes closed, or looking like I’m on the downhill of a huge rollercoaster is something that puzzles me?  🙂