The Most Unwelcome Guest In The Bedroom

…what’s the most unwelcome guest? – It’s the alarm clock.

Other than the one or two times of the year it’s set for a holiday or a day away, it’s there to remind you of the thing you don’t want to do. – And never met with a kind word or a smile. 

I once read that people with goals don’t need one. 

Why? Because every day is another day they’re happy to chip away at the coal face, and the thoughts of negotiating another five minutes in bed don’t even register with them.  – It’s get up and get started. 

In the real world, I know not all of us are the Duracell bunny, eager to get going, but you’ve got to wonder if the thing you’re doing is right for you when you put off that thing until the end of the day. – Because what gets pushed to the end of the day, usually gets pushed to the next day where it gets negotiated all over again. 

If you find yourself putting things off, with ‘I’ll do that tomorrow, that could be a sign of two things. Either you’re burnt out and need a break or you’re in the wrong game. If you’re honest, it’s probably the second, you shouldn’t do doing what you’re doing. 

So what can do if you’ve been barking up the wrong tree?

Firstly, admit it. The truth can set you free, but it can also save you from living a life that’s not yours. – Throw a rock in any direction and you’re bound to hit someone that’s miserable, living a life that their parent picked out for them. 

Secondly, that thing you learned isn’t wasted. It’s rare that you’ll find something that doesn’t carry over in some way to your next activity. And if it doesn’t, the confidence from getting out of your comfort zone can sometimes be all you need to get back on the horse with something new. 

Thirdly, take heart in the fact that you’ll probably come at your new activity in a way others haven’t. Sometimes in a better way than those already established in that activity. – There’s a good reason Uber wasn’t created by Taxi drivers or AirBnB by those in the hospitality business. 

Fourthly, get rid of the alarm clock. When you find what you’ve always wanted to do, you won’t need a ‘digital parent’ screaming at you to get you out of bed and working on that goal of yours you’ll just automatically want to do it. 

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