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The No 1. Reason You Don’t Have A Digital Product

…or anything for that matter.

You don’t see yourself as the type of person who owns a digital product.

Because if you did, you’d make one.

James Clear in his bestselling book ‘Atomic Habits’ says that the reason most of us can’t get a habit to stick, is that we’re trying to change ourselves into something we don’t see ourselves as being.

For example, if I can’t picture myself as ever being a writer, it wouldn’t matter how many times I try to change my daily habits toward being a writer…I won’t stick with them.

But…if I could see myself as a writer in my head, those habits would just back up what I believe about myself.

You can use that for losing weight, being a podcaster, or whatever….picture yourself as that thing…and your actions and habits will stick.

That’s enough for today’s Sunday sermon.

Have a good one!

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