The ‘No Advice’ Advice

…there’s a handful of actors that I’d watch, no matter what they’re in, one of those is Michael Caine.

Compared to other actors that go on a downward swing and rest on their laurels as they get older, to me, he’s got better with age.

Yesterday, I was scrolling through YouTube and came upon an interview he did on a popular UK chat show.

“So Michael if you had to give a young actor a piece of advice what would it be?’

‘Nothing,” Michael replied.  ‘Because any of the older actors I worked with told me to quit. – Because of that I keep my mouth shut.’

And it’s good advice.

No one knows  what you’re capable of.

They don’t know the best seller that’s three books further along the line.

They don’t know the difference you’re going to make in someone’s life, six months from now, when you inspire them to take action on something they didn’t think they could do.

They don’t see the huge blogging platform you’re going to build.

The huge email list you’re going to have.

The comic book, the movie, the theme park that’s going to come from your words.

They’ll look at you, as you are, and say..

‘You’re not good enough’
‘Your words stink.’
‘You’ll never make it in the writing game.’
‘Give it up.’

Where would Michael Caine be if he did?

Where will you be if you do?

My advice to you is simple…I’ve got none.

The only one that knows where you’re going is you and the stories you tell yourself about what you can do?

So, what stories are you telling yourself?

‘Our fantasies are our realities in an excuse free world – Jen Sincero.’

PS – My only advice would be to become a member of WriteCome.…but you knew that already.

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