The Number One Reason You’re Not Selling As Much As You Could

…I was listening to a podcast recently where the host was visiting his doctor, and this conversation took place…

‘By the way, there’s a pill you can take that helps with your heart problem, and can improve your longevity by up to 10 years, …it only costs about three bucks
a month.’

‘Wow, is this new?’

‘No, it’s been out a few years.’

‘And I’ve been coming here two years and you never thought to tell me
in that time?’

‘I didn’t want to come across as too salesy.’


How would you feel in that situation?

Someone’s got a solution to your problem, or got something that
could benefit you and they keep it to themselves.

Would it be ‘too salesy’ if they said…

‘You know that poor book sales problem you’ve got, I’ve got a piece of software that could boost your book sales.’


‘I know the perfect place you could advertise your t-shirt store and I know
you’ll make lots of sales. – I’ve got a book that’ll walk you through the whole process.’

Would that be too salesy?

Helping to provide a solution to those people, with your book, product, or course?

If you’ve got something that can genuinely make a difference to
people’s lives, why would you keep it to yourself?

If you don’t push your products then there’s a part of you that doesn’t
believe that it’s good enough.

‘But I do…I do…,’ you say.

Well then…

….less of the tip toeing around with the please click my ‘Buy Now’ button mentality…

….or the email subscription box that has the vague ‘Click to learn more’
or ‘Click to get started’ message on it.

If you’ve got a great fiction book, an amazing coloring book, a quality t-shirt,
or a digital product, that can add something to someone’s life…you’re
doing a disservice to those people by not making them aware of it.

If it’s crap…then you’re being salesy.

If it does what it says on the tin… then you’re morally obliged to tell people
about it.

How happy would you ‘coloring book authors’ be if I knew a way to make
cheap images and kept it to myself?

I bet you’re glad I didn’t.

Now go out there with your hands on your hips and say out loud and proud…

‘You want a solution to your problem…I’ve got what you need.’

Now for my non salesy message.

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