The One Thing That Bugs, Doubts, And Critics Have In Common

…ever notice that bugs are attracted to the porch light?

While that light’s on they’ll keep circling it, bumping up against it, and hanging around it until it goes off.

Once it does, they go off on their merry looking for another bright object to follow.

Doubts are a lot like that. – Sit on your butt and do nothing, and you’ll never question yourself and your ability.

But, take some action, especially getting out of your comfort zone, and you’ll find those doubts come circling in.

And the only way to get rid of them is to stop what you’re doing.

Once you do, just like those bugs, they leave because they’ve nothing to question.

Critics are a lot like that too.

Do something that makes you stand out in your family, town, group, or profession, and you can be guaranteed that you become a target.

Again, like that light bulb, the brightness of your ideas, skills, and talent, will attract those critics to you.

The only way to stop them is to switch you off. – To retreat back to the smaller version of you that no one noticed before.

When you’re not prepared for those things, it’s very easy to give up.

That if we could work in a vacuum where doubts and critics couldn’t survive we’d do what we want to do.

Unfortunately, that’s not the way the game’s set up.

To do something that others don’t, won’t, or are scared to do, means you’re going to be one of the few.

You’re going to be one of those people that actually writes a book and doesn’t just talk about doing it.

You’re one of those people that starts a business from home and doesn’t just talk about one day doing it.

You’re one of those people that wants to leave the world a better place instead of talking about it.

And when you’re one of the few, you’re one of the few.

You’re the one that stands out.

You’re one that needs to be brought down, to bring you to the same level as the others.

Your doubts will tell you to turn off that light.

Your critics will tell you to turn off that light.

And if you listen to them, you’ll turn off that light.

But here’s the thing.

Once you do, the world becomes a darker place.

The lights that could have inspired us, motivated us, and lead us, are no longer there.

And so others don’t light their light and follow their path, and we go darker still.

In a world of dark, where very few do anything worthwhile with their life, you’re always going to stand out.

You’re going to be one of the few.

You’re going to be the porch bulb that draws attention to itself.

The only reason doubts and critics are showing up is because you’re doing something very few people do in their life. – Never forget that.

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