The Parallel Line Wake Up Call

…now before I go further, I can’t take credit for this idea, it’s from Tommy Baker, author of the 1% Rule.

But what I want you to do is imagine a piece of lined paper.

Just like a school copybook, we’ve got a series of parallel lines from the top of the page to the bottom. – None of them ever cross.

In fact, you could probably continue  them off the page, down the street, right outta town and they’ll probably
never meet.

Now…I want you to pick one of those lines closer to the bottom of the page as where you are right now.

The goal you’re looking for – more money each month, better book sales, an audience that follows you like a celebrity – that’s a line further up the page.

There’s a gap there.

And as long as you continue to keep doing the thing you’re doing, that line of yours is never going to get any closer.

Six months from now, or six years from now, that white space between you and where you want to be is always going
to be there.

The only way that gap is ever going to close is for you to change. That goal up there, it ain’t coming down to meet you.

That means getting uncomfortable. Doing things you’d don’t like. And sometimes doing them, even when you’re not ready to do them.

The ‘perfect time to get started’, and ‘I need more knowledge’ are the biggest lies you can keep telling yourself.

You’re never going to be ready, and you’re never going to know enough.

How do I know?

I told myself that for more years than I care to remember.

‘Everyone’s an expert, but me.’

‘I don’t know enough.’

‘Who am I to do that?’

Sound familiar?

That line you’re on right now, maybe a comfortable one to be on.

It may be one that’s free from making a fool out of you

It may also be one that doesn’t ask too much of you.

But it’s not the line you want to be on. And that gap is never going to close if you continue riding on it.

It’s up to you to close that gap.
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Barry J McDonald.

PS – Now go out there and start narrowing that gap.