The People That Need This, Won’t Read This

…’The People That Need This Seminar The Least Are The Ones That Are Here.’

– John Kanary

For some people, that quote will pass them by like a speeding truck and they won’t notice the wisdom in it.

The people that need to exercise the most, are the people that do it the least.

The people that need money the most, are the ones that take the least action.

The people that could do with more wisdom, are the ones that never study.

The ones that need it the least, are exercising, working on lines of income, and read more than they ever did.

I’ve noticed even in my own business.

The people that send me an email looking for help, are always the ones already taking action.

The ones that need it the most, never cross my path.

You’ll always find more people in the valley, than you will at the mountain top.

And the people that need a course like this….will never buy it.

Barry J McDonald.

PS – And the ones that really need to read my emails….have long gone.

But you can still find them in forums, complaining about being ripped off and buying products that stop working after three weeks.

Life sure is strange sometimes. : )