The Power of Being Useful: Life Lessons from Big Arnie

….at the moment Big Arnie is peddling his new book based on his life lessons.

One of those, handed down by his father, is simply… ‘Be Useful.’

Which, when you think about it, is something more of us should put into action.

But… try and deal with someone on the phone… find a salesperson to fix an automated till… get a refund… and you know the situation only too well.

It’s ‘be less useful’… or helpful.

People say that AI is going to rob us of all our jobs, but the truth is, it’s people using AI to rob us of our jobs.

In most cases, it’s people who for too long were the bottleneck in business and life.

People who got paid to push paper around.

People who provided crappy service, but didn’t reflect that in their prices.

People who hired a teenager to man a till that didn’t care and didn’t want to be there.

Those places are going to be hit.

Does that mean that we’ll all face an AI takeover sometime in the future, maybe so.

But for now, being someone who’s useful is going to separate you from the crowd.

‘Be Useful.’

A simple motto, but maybe one that could transform what you do right now.

Have a good one!