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The Problem Solved Button

The Problem Solved Button
The Problem Solved Button

…imagine that there was a button that would solve one of your problems?

You click on that button…and poof….problem gone.

How much would you pay?

That probably depends on your problem.

A broken headlight bulb…probably not much.

Getting a flat tyre in the middle of nowhere – on a dark and rainy night –  and then finding out your spare tyre’s flat too.

That’s a whole other problem.

In that situation, you’d pay anything.

That’s how you need to think of what you do.

Chances are good you’re asking for money for solving a problem.

If the problem’s not much, you won’t get paid much.

If the problem’s a lot larger and more painful, you’ll get paid a lot more.

So if you find yourself in a situation where people aren’t looking for much, don’t expect to be retiring anytime soon.

Your action step is to either get out of that niche or dig deep and see if there’s a bigger problem you can solve.

Help me solve a bigger problem – higher payments for you.

Help me solve a problem by taking it off my hands – even higher payments for you.

Your ‘buy button’ is a problem solved button.

That’s one reason the WriteCome membership took a jump in price yesterday and probably another one very soon.

37 bucks was a pittance for the number of problems I was solving.

If you took one of the courses alone and made your own digital product from it, you’d be way ahead of the game.

That’s just one course inside the member’s area.

Your mission….solve bigger problems…and ask for more for doing so.

The problem solver button.

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