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The Problem You Don’t Even Know Is A Problem

The Problem You Don't Even Know Is A Problem
The Problem You Don’t Even Know Is A Problem

…what do you do when you’re looking for a new appliance?

You hop on the Internet, maybe go around the local stores, looking for the one you want at the best price.

Same when it comes to grocery shopping.

Same when it comes to hiring someone to clean your carpets.

Same when it comes to looking for a mechanic.


Because in your head they’re all the same.

And if they’re all the same, it’s the lowest guy that wins.

If you’re someone that produces products (or offers services) that are the same as everyone else, the only way you’ll get noticed is to drop your price.

Know what happens when you drop your price?

You find that you start making as much money as a guy in a Chinese sweatshop does.

Know what happens after that?

If you’re stubborn, you’ll throw more financial logs on the fire hoping that little spark will turn into ablaze. – It won’t.


You’ll drop out of the race complaining that there’s no money in it.

The problem, your customer sees you as a commodity.

They can buy a planner, fiction book, digital course, anywhere.

And they will at the lowest price.

All because you’re the same as everyone else.

The great Sean D’Souza once remarked that if you were going to buy a piano, and two piano shops have the same piano at the same price, the tiniest thing could sway you one way or the other.

If shop B started giving away a free box of chocolates with its piano, that small incentive would be enough to make you go to shop B.

What can you do?

Stop trying to compete on price, it’s the surest way to the poor house.

And start separating yourself from the crowd.

Make people aware that they can’t get your stuff anywhere in the world.

Combine bonuses, free courses, additional complementary services, with what you’re selling.

Make you and your product a package that no one can get anywhere except from you.

Or keep doing what you’re doing.

Now, if you’re looking to get access to products that aren’t available anywhere else, and at price like this, click here.

Or you can go off hunting down lookalikes that are filled with candyfloss content for $7, and buy from people who don’t walk the talk.

WriteCome, ain’t no commodity baby.

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