The Rise Of Stress And How To Make It Stop

…I don’t know what it’s like where you live, but us Irish love a good funeral.

Now we don’t go all out, like that scene from the old James Bond movie, ‘Live And Let Die,’ where everyone’s walking behind the coffin playing jazz on trumpets.

But we like the chance it gives us to meet up with people we haven’t seen in a long time. And for some, a few beers don’t go amiss either.

It’s not unusual to have people laughing while the body’s lying in state in the same room.

My dads funeral was no different, people I hadn’t seen for years came out of the woodwork and showed up.

Through conversations with them I found out my father was a big worrier.

Now…to the outside world, he seemed like he had it all under control. He had the gift of the gab, and always wasn’t far from a conversation or a pot of tea, but inside he always worried about his truck driving business.

Had he got enough work lined up? Would he catch that train with his cargo on time? Did he have enough diesel to do him the week?

On and on these stories came from friends and relatives. But to his children, he never showed it.

As I’ve got older, and have kids now, my worry level’s also seem to have gone up. Like a good fiction book, my brain can churn up the best worst case  scenarios it can throw at me.

A while back it got so bad I started having panic attacks. And for those of you that have never had them…let me tell you it’s not a nice thing.

One day, I actually thought I was going to die from it….I was in a room filled with lots of fresh air and I was convinced I was suffocating.

It’s only when I found out about writing things down that I made a difference to those stress levels.

Basically what you do it write down all those terrifying thoughts and worries by hand and put them on paper. Don’t hold back, just put everything down.

Once you’ve done it, a strange thing happens, looking at the words now on paper and out of your mind, they lose power and you start to see them for what they are.

Most of the time, you’ll shake your head at their ridiculousness. How could you have been thinking those crazy thoughts?

Try it yourself. That’s the power of writing things out by hand. It’s got  a strong connection that can’t be dismissed.

I think that’s why people are jumping all over planners and using them to  simplify their thoughts and actions.

You can help all those people and make money at the same time.

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My panic attacks haven’t come back either since I started writing things down.

Give it a go if you’re having a tough time. 🙂