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The Scariest Thing I Did This Week

The Scariest Thing I Did This Week
The Scariest Thing I Did This Week


…what is it, you’re wondering?

Walking on hot coals?

Bunge jumping off a bridge?

Actually no.

I deleted my email list.

That’s right. – At the click of a button I send almost 400 subscribers off on another digital journey.

Had I a rush of blood to the head?

Did I do it by accident?

Nope to both.

I realized that their journey and mine weren’t in the same direction.

Now, to put things into perspective, some of those folks I’ve been emailing this past 5 years.

And when I hit the unsubscribe button it did hurt. – Some of these people were folks I’d emailed for a long time.

Some even told me about their lives offline and the struggles that they were going through. – If you doubt the power of email that there should answer that for you.

Now for some people, you’re a hindrance that gets sent to the spam folder.

But for others, that you make a connection with, you become part of their day.  You’re the radio DJ that they always listen to or the presenter of a daytime TV show that’s always there day in and day out.

When I told them we were parting ways, I’d expected to get a few emails from folks saying that they’d miss me. And I wasn’t wrong.

So right now although it feels like I’m back to square one, I know that’s not true. Because you never go back to square one. – There may be no subscribers right now, but I’ve still got five years of writing emails under my belt.

And even though I’ve no one to send this one to, I’m writing it because the habit is so ingrained in me.

And if you know me well, you’ll know that it’ll go on the blog and social media sites very soon.

So, here’s to a new start, and entertaining a new audience with my daily emails.

If you’d like to be part of this new journey, you can sign up at – And let’s see how the next few years have in store for us.

I’m sure it’ll be fun! 🙂

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