The Survey Results Are In… Wanna Look?

…if you remember I did a survey a while back.

Well today, I thought we’d do a state of the nation email….kinda see where everyone is at the moment….and my
thoughts on the answers.

So let’s kick it off…

Q – Why did you buy my last product?

1st – Make money
2nd – Learn a skill
3rd – Solve a problem.

Q – What’s your biggest goal right now?

Here’s a small selection of answers..

– Make great content
– To work at a more productive level.
– Make money online from publishing
– Book promotions
– To actually earn some extra money
– To have an online presence and make it profitable
– To finish the books that I am working on

Q – What’s holding you back from reaching that goal?

Here’s a small selection of answers..

– Implementation
– Time
– Shiny new objects and not enough
application and belief
– Getting distracted
Looking back on the answers in this survey, to one done months ago, the majority of answers haven’t changed

People are still distracted, haven’t got the time, and seem to have gotten nowhere from where they were months ago.

Which to me is a pity…because honestly I’d love all of you to be churning out more books, building your own platforms, and making more money each month.

Thing is…all of that takes work….and it takes commitment.

Both of which aren’t sexsy.

It’s tiring to get up early/stay up late to write a few thousand words for your book, to write a blog post, to write a daily email, to create memes or images for social media.

It can be tough to pull your head away from the distraction of Facebook, Netflix, and other things….that to be honest….don’t want you to do anything, but hang out on their platforms.

And it can be boring going through the same routine, day after day, week after week, but that’s how you make progress.

If you’ve been watching the Winter Olympics you’re only seeing the highlight reel of that athlete’s life …..every day up to that point was probably doing the same mind numbing stuff over and over again.

If all of that sounds too much….please do yourself a favour unsubscribe from JVZoo, WarriorForum, and keep your credit card locked away.

Heck…even unsubscribe from my list….I on’t want you spending money on something you won’t get any use
out of.

If you’re learning skills for the sake of learning skills, stick to YouTube or Skillshare…both have a plenty of content that can help you.

But as they used to say at the start of the old ‘Fame’ TV show….

‘Fame costs, and right here, this is where you pay…in sweat.’

Funny thing is… you never see that on a sales letter?

If you’re ready to pay….and want to get your leotard or tutu on….you know where to go.


And for those leaving my list…I wish you the best of luck in your new venture.