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The Two Biggest Lies You’re Telling Yourself

…do you know the funniest thing?

After I tell you these two lies, you’re going to smile and agree with me.

You know what’s even funnier than that?

You still won’t do anything about it.

‘So what’re the lies?’ you ask.

I’m not ready AND I don’t know enough yet.

Told you, I’d make you smile.

Now, all joking aside, when will you be ready?

This time tomorrow?

Maybe this time next week?

Or how about a month from now?

And as for knowing enough.

Is that going to be in a book from now?

Or is it three books from now?

Or how about a book, a training course, and a YouTube video from now?

You’re kidding yourself on both accounts.

For one, you’ll never feel ready. You’ll always feel unprepared.

And two, you’ll learn the most when you’re up to your elbows in your work. There you’ll find things that no book can prepare you for.

What you do next is up to you.

But we both know you can’t hide behind those excuses forever.

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