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The Ugly Book Cover/Long Shelf Life Business Idea

…”I’d rather have a book with an ugly cover but a long shelf life” – Ross Edgley

Now, I’m kinda paraphrasing what Mr. Edgley said, (out for a walk, so I didn’t have a pen and paper on me), but it’s the gist of a statement he made on Jamie Alderton’s podcast.

After releasing a book on fitness, that he spent ten years researching and putting together, I think he hit on a point not for just books, but for online businesses too.

There’s lot of people building their businesses on a foundation of sand, buying only shiny trinkets because it makes everything look pretty, but does nothing for building a stable business.

Sure, you may have something that looks good now, but what’s the shelf life going to be like?

When blogging came out, you just had to show up, throw something up, and you’d be sure of attracting a few eyeballs your way.

Same with the Amazon kindle store. I remember in the early day’s you could stuff the KDP dashboard with hidden keywords and show up in extra searches because of it.

Facebook, Instagram, were also a lot freer in their early days. But today, those opportunities and loop holes are firmly closed.

So whatever you’re doing, ask yourself…

“Is what I’m doing today only going to give me a short time gain?”

“Will this work in a year from now?”

“Could I set this business up on autopilot, or at least have it work with minimal effort?”

If it’s a no, it’s time for a rethink.

One thing that’s always worked online is creating content, and then getting it into as many different places as you can. – Once you send it on it’s merry way, it’s online forever – sending traffic your way and building a reputation for you – in the weeks, months, and years ahead.

That could be articles, social media posts, images, free reports, podcasts, or anything else you can show your expertise on.

Here’s how I do it.

And unlike shiny trinkets, this work won’t disappear in the next three weeks.

PS – How do I know content creation works? Go do a Google search for ‘WriteCome’ and see what you find.

There’s no reason why you couldn’t be building the same links back to your own site.

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