The Walking Dead….Brain Dead That Is…Is Waiting For You

…the other day I got sent a link to a product that was going to turn around my business.

And I’ll admit, it was amazing…but for the wrong reason.

It was hilarious.

Hilarious for the fact that firstly, that it was even for sale, and secondly, that the results looked terrible… if not, down right creepy.

What did the software do?

Basically animate a picture of your face into a talking mannequin…with all the personality of a Walking Dead character.

But hey….there’s ‘AI’ at work inside.

Now….there’ll be lots of folks that’ll throw their money at the seller, and go and make an army of the living dead for all their websites.


Because it’s easy to do, and doesn’t require you to get outside your comfort zone.

And then they’ll wonder where the cash is.

Easy…and….comfort zone.

Two things that the majority of people won’t go beyond.

It’s easy to do a Facebook live…it’s also hard to do.

It’s easy to get out of your comfort zone…it’s also hard to do.

Your success is always going to be on the other side of embarrassing yourself.

How willing you are to do that, will always be what separates you from the rest.

And not how ‘animated’ your website is.

Barry J McDonald.

PS – “They’re gonna feel stupid when they find out….they’re screwing with the wrong people.” Rick Grimes – Walking Dead.